The Horse Protection League deeply appreciates the following gifts from previous years:

Carol Molina donated in memory of a special dog named Duke, owned by Annie Oden and Richard Rudy, and a mare named Lacey belonging to Jory Weber.
HPL received a generous donation from Sally Minelli in memory of her beloved Corgi, Tugger Dog.
A donation was received in memory of Lacey, a beautiful mare owned and loved by Jory Weber, from Annie Oden, Richard Rudy, Trudy Younger, Jill Whidden and Doug Weber.
A donation was received in honor of Theresa Bakken from Cannonball Creek Society N.S.C.A.R.
In loving memory of Chance and Serena from Annie Oden and Richard Rudy.
In loving memory of Spirit, Scratch and Josh from Richard Rudy and Annie Oden.In memory of a horse called Scholar from John, Bev and Ginger Rives.
HPL received donations from Doug and Jory Weber and Trudy Younger in memory of Spirit.
Joyce Bagwell made a memorial donation in honor of her late husband, James Bagwell.
Diane Holschbach made a donation in honor of her sisters, Barb and Linda Sullivan.
Annie Oden made a memorial donation for Gator and Miss Lucille, two much loved horses.
Trudy Younger and Jill Whidden made donations in memory of Lucy, a former HPL rescue owned and loved by Annie Oden and a beloved dog named Pie, faithful companion to Kim Gilbert.
In Memory of A Horse At A Rising Star From John, Bev And Ginger (Former Hpl Mare) Rives.
In Memory of Lucy, Hpl Mare Adopted By Annie Oden And Josh, A Draft Horse Owned By Mattie Vadas From Carol Molnia.
In Memory of Colorado, A Mare Owned By Marcia Imse, From Nancy Taylor Mason.
In Honor of Dan & Robin Younger And Ted Younger, Jr. From Ted And Jan Younger.
In Honor of William And Jackie Sullivan From Cleo Sullivan.
In Memory of Gator And Lucy From Linda Pierrel.
In Memory of Nancy Mccarthy From Esther Lidstrom.
In Honor of The Sullivan Family From Barbara Sullivan.
In Memory of Flicka From Kimberley Collins.
In Memory of Jonathon Stride From Julie Marble-White.
In Honor of Megan Benjamin From The Benjamin Family.
In Honor of Emie O’neill From Jill And Charles Richardson.
In Memory of Esther Emerson From Her Daughters, Star, Mary And Millie.
In Honor of Kris Pratt From The Schiffbauer Family.
In Honor of Lark Birdsong From The Ramroop Family.
In Memory of His Departed Horses From Robert Kinne.
In Honor of Lark Birdsong And Julie Brisson From Sarah, Reese And Skylar White.
A donation was made in memory of a horse at A Rising Star stable from John and Bev Rives and Ginger, a much loved former HPL horse who resides at A Rising Star.
Carol Molnia made a donation in memory of Lucy, Annie Oden’s mare adopted from HPL and in memory of Mattie Vadas’ draft horse, Josh – both horses much loved and missed.
A donation was made by Nancy Taylor Mason in memory of Colorado, a mare owned and loved by Marcia Imse.
The horses will be getting new sheds thanks to a generous donation made by Carol Jennett in loving memory of Norma and Bob Jennett.
A donation was made in memory of Gator, a wonderful ex-ranch horse who made his owners laugh each day: from Doug and Jory Weber, Trudy Younger and Jill Whidden.
A donation was received from Gunnar and Shay Tande in memory of 5 year old Katie Staley who loved horses.
A donation was made in memory of Toby, beloved companion of Kim Ytterberg and adopted from HPL 20 years ago: from Susan Becker, Debi Pretz, and Toby’s best friend, Geppetto.
A donation was made in memory of Barbara Godat, a horse enthusiast, by Lois Marchionna.
Jim Healy and Laura Cruz gave a donation in memory of Maya whom they loved and supported through sponsorships.
A donation for the Navajo yearlings was made by John and Casey Simmons in memory of Tigger, the yearling that they adopted from HPL.
In memory of Bob and Gayle Vette from Jim and Don Kotapish.
In memory of Robert Vette from Philip Geraci III.
In memory of Robert Vette from: Mary Ester; Kurt and Laura Ester and family; Ken Ester; Julie and Tom Holmgren and family; Trent and Mary Gill and family; Dan and Edie Hylton and family.
In memory of Cheyenne and Nugeia Gold with thanks for the years of great rides and companionship from Tracy James.
In memory of Emma Jean Butler from Janice Holmes.
In memory of Diane Fachin from Esther Lidstrom
In memory of Jonathan Stride from Julie Marble.
In memory of Tom Falter from Ruth Falter.
In memory of Bueno Adair from Tammy Donaldson.
In memory of Andrea Vogt from Emie O’Neill.
A donation was made to HPL by Trudy Younger in memory of Willy and Amigo.
A donation was made to HPL in honor of our hard working volunteer Barb Albright’s birthday, from her friend, Lisa Eller Davis.
A memorial donation was made by JOAN BOHBOT in memory of our WILLY as a birthday gift to her sister, SUZANNE WESTGAARD, who loved Willy, sponsored him, and spent a great deal of time with him.
In memory of Katie Staley, a little girl who loved horses, from Gunner and Shay Tande
In memory of Sunny, a much loved school horse and friend to Kathleen Bauman, from Virginia “Sandy” Sykes
In memory of Dance, a horse owned and loved by Kim Kiner from Brandt Wilkins and David Alexander
In memory of David Julseth from Sharon Crosby
In memory of Craig Paddock from Susan Paddock
In memory of Tom Falter from Ruth Hynes
In memory of Tom Falter from Angie Welch
In memory of Mike Quintana from Esther Lidstrom
In memory of Judy Coop from Stephanie Noble
In memory of Stormy from Linda Mangold

In honor of Barb Albright’s mother from Colorado Association of Elementary School Principals and Colorado Association of Secondary School Principals.
In honor of Betsy Brown, a volunteer who loved our Blaze, by the Conley Family.
In honor of Emie O’Neill for all she does for HPL and the horses, from Jon and Alice Gilbertson.
In honor of Betty Fullilove from Eva Gillis.
In honor of Olivia Carnine, 8 year old, horse loving niece of Julie Simon.
In honor of Evynne Fair from Kelly Costanzo
In honor of Sharon Crosby’s birthday from Carol Molnia
In honor of Evynne Fair from Kelly Costanzo
In honor of Ron and Andrea Vogt from Nancy Pierce
In honor of Lyn Traver from Dana Rinderknecht
In honor of Robin Latta-Tweedy from Patricia Latta
In honor of Megan Benjamin from the Benjamin Family
In honor of Jody Baldwin from Florine Clark
In honor of Judy and Larry Lami from Daniel Singer
In honor of Daisy Horse from Brandon Fryslie

Susan Becker made a donation in memory of Double Scotch and Shiva, best and loyal friends
Dean and Dinah Coop, Annie Oden, Terri Melander and Tammy Duvall made a donation in memory of Judy Coop
Peggy Francis made a donation in memory of Judy Coop
An anonymous donation made in memory of Judy Coop to sponsor Blaze, whom Judy loved.
Tara Hotter-Jensen made a donation in memory of Lou Fassel of Silver Acres
Christa Geyer made a donation in honor of Gwen Cavanaugh’s birthday
Carol Jennett in memory of Claire Davis, a teacher at Arapahoe High School
Steve Carpenter in memory of Lucy Zaragoza
In memory of Chet Smith, loving father of Susan Peters, from The Ahha Sisterhood
Tracey MacDonald in memory of Robert and Lewis
Suzanne Levenhagen in memory of Mary Ann Levenhagen
Jen Maramonte in memory of Codi
The Pesce Family in memory of Michael Pesce
Anonymous donation in memory of Rollin Swetil
Jane Johnson in memory of Mattie and Risa
Shay and Gunner Tande in memory of Katie Staley
Denise Tenge in memory of Passey Horse
Esther Lidstrom in memory of Carl Dippel
Derek and Angie Welch in honor of Ruth Hynes
Michelle Schiffbauer in honor of Delaney Schiffbauer
Patricia Latta in honor of Robin Latta-Tweedy
Dawn Svaldi in honor of Dave McCabe
Danice Rinderknecht in honor of Lyn Traver
Thomas Conley in honor of Jacquelyn Ainlay-Conley
Timothy Leddy in honor of Amalia Villalobos
Megan Marquez in honor of Amalia Villalobos
Daniel and Sally Singer in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lami
Julie Losasso in honor of Sasha VanHeesch
Dolly Hannon in memory of Maryanne Morrissey
BUDDY, HPL’s much loved Quarter Horse, from Barb Albright
KATIE STALEY from Gunnar and Shay Tande
Esther Lidstrom made a donation in memory of Stormy
Trudy Younger made a donation in memory of Stormy
Cathy Wildman of Williamsburg, VA, made a donation in honor of her friend, Camille Deuben’s