Listed here are all horses currently available to adopt. Keep checking back as this page is updated frequently. All adoption fees are negotiable to the perfect forever home. Please call 303-216-0141 or email  with any questions about our horses. We look forward to helping you find your new companion!



Born in 2002 and standing approximately 15hh, this extremely friendly, rideable, gentle horse is ready for his forever home! Safe for experienced beginners (he has more “go” than “woah” but is not a spooking or bucking risk), BK is looking for an active home ready for adventure! He has been diagnosed with cushings disease so a home with experience managing diets is preferred, and he is on daily medication for it. He prefers adults to children, is at the bottom of the pecking order, but has years of experience navigating mountain terrain safely with new riders. Come meet this sweet boy – who might like riding even more than you do!

Adoption fee of $1200



Born in 1995 and standing approximately 15hh, Beau is a wonderful sweet and gentle boy looking for his forever home as a companion. He is kind and gentle in his herd – he takes no harm and does no harm. This sweet boy would love a home being fussed over by anyone, including small children, while being permitted to walk as much as he feels comfortable doing. Beau is an easy keeper, and would be the perfect addition to a home that loves light interactions with safe horses.

Adoption fee of $200


Born in 2013, Buddy is unfortunately limited on his career options due to significant ringbone in his hind legs. Buddy has exceptional training and has proven to be one of our best and safest horses for new volunteers, just starting to learn! He is looking for a forever home with very light riding or as a companion. He is very dominant, so would be best suited for a home where he can either be separated for meals, or is with an equally strong-willed horse (and he loves mares!).

Adoption fee of $300




Fox trotter in his mid 20’s. Beginner friendly. Sound and sane. Lots of trail experience. Catches, loads, grooms, ties, saddles and bridles well.

Adoption fee is $750.


Born in 1998 and standing approximately 15.1hh, Cimmaron is a wonderfully kind and gentle experienced trail horse. Due to arthritis in his knees, he is limited on the weight he can comfortably carry (riders under 120lbs including a saddle) making him mostly suitable for children – who he happens to be great with! Cimmaron would also be happy living as a companion with a horse who needed a friend. He is a calm and kind addition to any herd.

Adoption fee of $300


Born in 2001, Dusty suffered an injury to her front knees as a filly. She is available as a companion only, but is a proven partner for the right horse. She spent most of the last 15 years accompanying an older thoroughbred gelding. She is gentle and kind with our volunteers and children alike, and was very greatly loved in her last home. She is hoping to find a new forever home soon!

Adoption fee of $200


Mosey is a registered APHA mare born in 2009. Although she did receive a month of training when she was young, she has not experienced professional training since. With regular handling from our volunteers we are noticing dramatic improvements in her ground manners. Her owner passed away and she is here through no fault of her own. We are hopeful to send her to training if she doesn’t get adopted first! She’s currently a kind and gentle pen mate with another mare.

Adoption fee of $500


Born in approximately 1997, Park is an unregistered thoroughbred mare. She has had limited handling, but has been improving dramatically during her time here with volunteers handling her more regularly. She is available as a companion only, and is currently sharing a pen with another mare peacefully. She’s on no medications and is comfortable being barefoot.

Adoption fee of $200


Born in 1990, Parker is a registered Appendix horse – sure to steal the heart of anyone who meets him! Due to his age and sore feet, he is available as a companion only, but he is sure to brighten any pasture with his friendliness and gentle nature! He has been safe and kind with everyone who has handled him, and is a wonderful pen mate with the four other geldings he lives with! Come meet this incredibly sweet boy.

Adoption fee of $200


Princess is a registered APHA mare born in 1997. Although she is broke to ride, she has not been ridden in many years and at this time is being offered as a companion only at this time. Princess has been safe and manageable for our volunteers and children. She is currently sharing a pen with another mare, and shared a pen with approximately 8 other horses before coming here. She is on grass hay, runs barefoot, and is on no medications.

Adoption fee of $200


Meet Romeo! This handsome, charming arabian gelding is still waiting for his forever home! He is flea-bitten grey and very friendly. We have often used him for our summer Pony Pals camp, as well as other activities friendly for the beginner horse-person. Romeo was at one point a second level dressage horse, but is now only available as a companion to the perfect home.

Romeo is believed to be in his late 20’s to early 30’s, has no teeth, and is therefore in need of a home that can meet a diet of soaked mash or soft hay cubes! He’s hoping to find a home that will understand and excel with his need for daily pampering!

Adoption fee of $200


Born in roughly 2014, Rosie is a wonderfully sweet mare who was brought in by animal control. Since being here she has been ridden and proven to be experienced enough for intermediate riders, including children. Rosie steals the hearts of everyone who handles her and is very affectionate with everyone. She is bottom of the pecking order in the herd, so she needs a home with equally gentle horses, or a pen by herself. She’s an easy keeper and happy girl looking for her forever home! 

Adoption fee of $2000


Born in 2001, Snap is a LARGE horse (weighing in at over 1300lbs and standing close to 16hh) looking for his forever home. This horse is broke, broke, broke, perfect for any beginner! He neck reins well, is top of the herd without being a bully, and very gentle with all the volunteers. He has retired from his career as a dude-ranch horse and is suitable for smaller riders (150lbs or less) looking for an active horse. Snap greats you at the gate, is calm and patient while groomed, and loves arena rides as much as the trail. Come meet this wonderful gentle giant!

Adoption fee of $1500


Tinkerbell is a registered APHA born in 2006. Tinkerbell is looking for an experienced home in need of a companion horse only. She unfortunately shows signs of arthritis in her legs and has challenging behavior during trims because of it. She’s still very kind as a pen mate to other horses, beautiful to look at, and has absolutely improved with regular handling and work!

Adoption fee of $200


This wonderfully kind mare will redefine your expectations for tall, dark, and handsome! Born in 1999, standing 16.1 hands high, and weighing in at almost 1400lbs, this mare is an absolute show-stopper. She did have training at some point and is believed to have even been raced, but at this time is offered as a companion only due to frequent hoof issues (mostly abscesses), and many years of no regular work. She is as gentle as she is beautiful and has peacefully lived with many other horses.

Adoption fee of $300